Bacon Hot Sauce

Bacon Hot Sauce


Mountain View, CA, United States




Water, Distilled Vinegar, Cayenne Pepper, New Mexico Chili, Salt, Natural Flavor, Maltodextrin, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Sugar, Xanthan Gum


Official: "Bacon Hot Sauce goes great with: Eggs, Pizza, Potatoes, Wings, and everything!"

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  • D1.5

    Reviewed by on October 8th, 2015

    • Taste: 1
    • Aroma: 2
    • Looks: 2.5
    • Heat: 0.5
    • Label: 2


    A black background with a flaming pig? It doesn't necessarily jump off the shelf. While the logo is humorous, the text, color, and background do not make this hot sauce appealing to look at. I mean, how good can a hot sauce physically be if it has a flaming pig on the label?


    Color is a deep red, almost brown, that closely mimics barbecue sauce. The texture of the sauce is silky smooth, and it has a great flow. When you turn the bottle upside-down, the hot sauce comes flowing to the cap, and is not thick in any sense of the word. Specks of pepper (bacon?) are seen even through the dark color of the sauce.


    Honestly, the smell is a little appetizing to me. However, even with traces of appetizing bacon available in the aurora, the aftersmell reeks of dog food. There is little to no trace of heat or pepper. On first guess, you wouldn't guess there are any peppers residing in the hot sauce.


    The taste is indubitably unique from any other supermarket hot sauce, but not in a good way. Immediately, you can taste salt. Even though you can taste a hint of pepper mid-bite, the salt completely overwhelms any trace of pure pepper. The only heat is an almost unnoticeable essence formulating in the back of your throat. Five seconds after swallowing, only the putrid salt and vinegar taste remains. The sauce is also so watery that water itself is likely the main ingredient.


    Look, if you want a hot sauce, venture elsewhere. While I don't know the exact Scoville Scale rating for this particular sauce, I would be honestly shocked if it was anywhere above 200. I'd think of this sauce as an extremely mild, salty Valentina. The Maltodextrin in the sauce makes it somewhat addictive, even though the heat is nonexistent and the taste is salty. If you want some salt and a hint of heat on your steak, this is the sauce to use. If you want some sauce on your wings, this will make you laugh.


    There's some definite room for improvement in this sauce. If you're into salt, vinegar, and watery barbecue sauce, this is your type of thing. However, I don't see this sauce being used for more than a gag gift for a friend. It goes best on steak, but it's so mild that even water ceases the heat sensation. In fact, there's too much water in the sauce itself. The ingredient list for this hot sauce is too lengthly and contains ingredients such as maltodextrin, xanthan gum, etc. not fit for a hot sauce. There's cayenne pepper in the ingredients, but you wouldn't tell by tasting it. If you're a pure chilihead novice who likes salt in his eggs or on his steak, pick this up at the supermarket. Otherwise, go for something hotter. Much, much hotter.

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