De Cabron - Chipotle Tradicional

De Cabron - Chipotle Tradicional

A4.4 / 5 1 REVIEW


De Cabrón Chillis Co.
Sao Paolo, Brazil




[in Portuguese] Agua, Vinegre, Sal, Acucar Mascavo, Pimenta Chipotle Defumada, Alho, Especiarias E Espessante [goma Xantana]. E Muito Amor


Official: "Made with our jalapeños cultivated by the small producers union in of our region, it is a hot sauce of complex flavor & accentuated smoky flavor. Suggested to pair with anything eatable; including that terrible meatloaf your mother in law makes. Who knows, it may make it taste good?"

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  • A4.4

    Reviewed by on February 1st, 2019

    • Taste: 4.2
    • Aroma: 3.8
    • Looks: 4.2
    • Heat: 4
    • Label: 5


    The skull instantly grabs you along with the shiny gold labeling. The red and gold on the skull along with the theme of the print very much accompanies the grand redness of the sauce. The bottle itself is very interesting as its thin and long, like a crazy flask, and has a wooden popcap, like a wine bottle, which is tapped down in a cool way. When you open the bottle, it makes a satisfying pop sound, but even cooler, when you put the lid back on after using it, it spits out a tiny bit of sauce about, making it appear like you crushed something then blood splatters around. Really fun design.


    Very deep red with tiny seeds and herbs n spices in it. Very blood like. Also as viscous as blood, but this is definitely hot sauce. Adds definite red to your dish.


    Certainly smokey, almost like smoked pork. It still stays true to the pepper smell as i can detect smoked ripe capsicum. Very festive.


    Very much smokey. Beef and chicken are the greatest meats for this. So inviting and the flavour so bold. Its as powerful as it is spicy. Very quickly could i detect the earth, as if they added turmeric or paprika. A little salty, but super bold and dirty, like youre eating a smoked chipotle straight from the earth. Mix it with beef stews with rice or a slow roast, even bbq chicken, bakes the meat in an earthy smokey flavour.


    Its as hot as it is strong. Not many average consumers would find this NOT spicy. I enjoy the heat. Could be more for my level, but im not gonna complain how well the flavour and spice hit together. 50/50 flavour to spice ratio


    The bottle itself was intimidating. The portion size was also intimidating because i didnt know how much to add with such a small bottle, but i knew that it was plenty enough. The amount i put on was perfect. The flavour was so dam bold and the spice so dam present, it was the perfect festive hot sauce for those who want to travel as far out of comfort as possible, but still carrying that familiar smokey caramelly chipotle flavour with you. Very impressed with this sauce.

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