Hog's Breath Red Hot Sauce

Hog's Breath Red Hot Sauce

A+4.9 / 5 1 REVIEW


Hog's Breath Saloon
Key West, FL, United States


Peppers, Vinegar, Salt


Official: "Hog's breath is better than no breath at all!"

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  • A+4.9

    Reviewed by on February 20th, 2013

    • Taste: 4.8
    • Aroma: 5
    • Looks: 4.6
    • Heat: 3.5
    • Label: 4.8


    Nice design with and catchy saying on the side.


    Dark red and think but still easy to pore


    Smells great and makes you want to try it!


    You just have to try it its that good!! Has a smokey fast that has a kick but won't knock you out. And there is no part to it that overwhelms the others.


    Definitely going to feel the heat but its not a bad heat and it still taste great.


    Nothing but happy with this hot sauce its great and has a smokey spice taste to it. I've had many of my friends try it and they all ask me where they can get some.

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