Marie Sharp's - Mild Habanero Pepper Sauce

Marie Sharp's - Mild Habanero Pepper Sauce

A4.5 / 5 1 REVIEW


Marie Sharp's




Red Habanero Peppers, Fresh Carrots, Onions, Key Lime Juice, Vinegar, Garlic, Salt


Official: "A milder but still potent blend."

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  • A4.5

    Reviewed by on March 7th, 2017

    • Taste: 4.8
    • Aroma: 3.9
    • Looks: 4.4
    • Heat: 4.3
    • Label: 4.1


    Simple yet elegant green label with a heart containing some of the ingredients used in the sauce (onions, limes carrots, habaneros, and garlic).


    Thick orange sauce with noticeable but infrequent seeds. The sauce resembles the consistency of what I would imagine a carrot puree to be.


    When taking a good sniff of this sauce all you can really smell is the vinegar which isn't necessarily bad. You do also get a hint of the sweetness of the carrots mixed with habanero.


    This sauce has it all: sweetness from the carrots, tangyness from the vinegar and the lime, and heat from the habanero. As I am writing this review I am enjoying it on a burrito from chipotle.


    This is not so hot that you can't enjoy multiple drops on a burrito from chipotle. But Hot enough to notice that it is a formidable adversary to your mouth


    I enjoy this sauce on many meals. From mac and cheese to pizza, and of course burritos this sauce does well in creating a mouthfeel like no other. Ever since my aunt visited Belize and brought this sauce back with her fourscore and seven years ago (well not actually it's more like 6 years) I have been restocking it in my pantry ever since.

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