Cepera - Molho de Pimenta Vermelha: Salsa de Aji Roja

Cepera - Molho de Pimenta Vermelha: Salsa de Aji Roja







Red Pepper Pulp, Water, Salt, Garlic, Xantham Gum


Official: "Cepera hot red pepper sauce is a blend of Brazilian Malagueta and matured jalapeno peppers giving a unique and intense taste."

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  • C+2.9

    Reviewed by on May 15th, 2021

    • Taste: 2.8
    • Aroma: 3.1
    • Looks: 3.6
    • Heat: 2.9
    • Label: 3


    Green all around, peppers flying about, text font captures the funky flavours of the country. The bottle has a convenient drip top with cap that seals nicely.


    Strong red colour with very small pieces of chili and garlic. Drips nicely, liquidy, mixes well in dishes like rice and beans. Tabasco like consistency. Slightly lighter colour.


    That olivy smell like other hot sauces have, being a sign of fresh chilis. Vinegary, but peppery. Medium pungency. Your food will take on a more peppery smell, but nothing too drastic.


    Fresh chili and that vege taste. The garlic is very subdue, but its there. Your food will take on a little flavour, much less the garlic, but as if you cracked some black pepper and some capsicum/tomato juiciness. Not a roasted flavour, but the garlic and salt brings that up a bit. Very standard.


    Heat increases quickly, but not immediately. I wouldnt call it a punchy sauce. The heat to flavour ratio is perfectly balanced. Spicy enough to amp up a dish, but not spicy enough to make an experienced nose drip. Classic heat for a store shelf sauce.


    A decent sauce to have in your fridge. Drip it over rice and other dishes to work well. It has a small mexican influenced air about it, so meat dishes work great with this sauce. I tried this with rice and falafel and it was exactly what it needed.

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