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New 'Tried It' and 'Wishlist' Features Released

Posted in Announcements on April 5th, 2017

Hot sauce tried checklist and wish listYou can now keep track of all the hot sauces you’ve tried on your profile, even if you have not reviewed them yet. Use the new 'Tried it' button on a hot sauce's page. You also have the option to save the ones you want to try (or buy) to a wishlist.

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Improved Layout on Mobile Phones and Tablets

Posted in Announcements on June 28th, 2016

Mobile updates to hot sauce websiteWe've rolled out some new updates to the layout and interface of the website for smaller screens. The main menu has been condensed to a more standard expanding "hamburger" menu, and much of the spacing and sizes have been adjusted to fit more on the screen and reduce the amount of scrolling necessary to view the content.

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HSF Reviews Fix Sriracha Hot Sauce

Posted in Reviews and Finds on June 6th, 2015

Fix Sriracha Hot Sauce Bottle OutsideWe recently received a bottle of sriracha hot sauce by Fix Sauces. No, there's nothing broken with sriracha sauce; the name, as conveyed by the tagline, is about Getting Your Fix. It appears to be the only flavor available right now by them, and it's a darn tasty one.

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