Frankie V's - Spooky White Hot Sauce

Frankie V's - Spooky White Hot Sauce

A+4.9 / 5 1 REVIEW


Frankie V's
Dallas, TX, United States




Fresh White Onion, Garlic, White Vinegar, Rice Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Habanero Pepper, Ginger, Salt, White Pepper, Coconut Oil, Mustard.


Official: "All Natural, All vegan, Gluten Free, Made from scratch"

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  • A+4.9

    Reviewed by on April 9th, 2023

    • Taste: 4.9
    • Aroma: 3.1
    • Looks: 4.1
    • Heat: 3.2
    • Label: 5


    Love the bottle shape and the design is hard to miss


    Not quite white like the name suggests. But still unique with a nice thicker texture


    Very acidic, which I'm not the biggest fan of, but it's not overpowering


    I love this sauce for its flavor more than anything else. It's got good spice and a nice vinegar and garlic flavor to compliment it. It has a slight sweetness to the original punch that is fantastic with meaty flavors.


    It's got a hard punch initially, but it dies off to a very pleasant level if you enjoy spice.


    This is probably my all time favorite hot sauce for barbecue, Mexican food, and soups, truly an underecognized masterpiece. Also, the glass is a fun and fitting shape that I love.

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