LowDog Sauce Co - Apalachicola Bay Original Flavor Sauce

LowDog Sauce Co - Apalachicola Bay Original Flavor Sauce

A+5.0 / 5 1 REVIEW


LowDog Sauce Co
Panama City Beach, FL, United States




Cayenne Peppers,vinegar, Salt,garlic,onions,water,cinnamon, Black Pepper, Crushed Red Pepper, Spices


Official: "A PCB local musician had an idea to capture the flavors of the Panhandle and create the perfect sauce for any food."

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  • A+5.0

    Reviewed by on June 17th, 2023

    • Taste: 4.9
    • Aroma: 4.9
    • Looks: 4.9
    • Heat: 2.2
    • Label: 4.8


    Great label from this locally owned company.


    Nice dark red appearance that looks too tasty.


    Smells very nice with an almost smoky smell to it.


    Amazing taste that goes well with every dish I’ve tried it on. I’ve put it on crackers, and any kind of meat and veggies. You truly can’t go wrong with this hot sauce.


    Not too hot, perfect if you like the flavor of hot sauce and you don’t want to be overwhelmed with heat.


    Got my first bottle at the Panama City Saturday market a few months ago and I just picked up my second bottle today. Great taste, great flavor, and it goes with well with everything. I highly recommend! Great local hot sauce!

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