TABASCO® - Scorpion Sauce

TABASCO® - Scorpion Sauce

A-4.0 / 5 1 REVIEW


McIlhenny Company
LA, United States


Trinidad Scorpion




Scorpion Pepper, Distilled Vinegar, Sugar, Guava Puree, Pineapple, Salt, Guava Powder, Pineapple Powder, TABASCO® Brand Pepper Sauce (distilled Vinegar, Red Pepper, Salt).


Official: "Introducing our hottest sauce yet: TABASCO® Scorpion Pepper Sauce. Culled from the flames of flavor, this fiery sauce features a dynamic mix of scorpion peppers, guava, and pineapple all blended with a splash of TABASCO® sauce. While typical red peppers used to make TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauce falls around 50,000 Scoville Units, one scorpion pepper can pack a potent punch of roughly 2 million. TABASCO® Scorpion Pepper Sauce...not for the faint of heart. Flavor responsibly!"

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  • A-4.0

    Reviewed by on April 15th, 2023

    • Taste: 3.5
    • Aroma: 3
    • Looks: 3
    • Heat: 4
    • Label: 4


    nothing too fancy but i like it.


    it just looks like tobasco hot sauce.


    one wiff and you know its not typical Tabasco. slight sweet smell and faint vinegar. the smell of the scorpion pepper stands out.


    the scorpion habanero stands out and goes well with the fruit in the Ingredients. it has a slight sweetness on the back end, but it's very mild. different seasonings stand out depending on what you put this on.


    this isn't crazy hot but i would definitely place it above el yucateco xxxtra hot kutbil-ik. the heat is initially sharp but fades off quickly. it seems to hit mostly on the tip on the tounge.


    another well balanced hot sauce. this goes well with many things, especially with fajitas and chili. i keep a bottle at work and use it quite often.

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