ABC - Sambal Manis Pedas (Hot & Sweet)

ABC - Sambal Manis Pedas (Hot & Sweet)

B-3.0 / 5 1 REVIEW




Sugar, Water, Chilli, Salt, Tomato, Onion, Vinegar, Flour, Food Additives


Official: "Hot & sweet chilli sauce"

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  • B-3.0

    Reviewed by on August 9th, 2012

    • Taste: 4
    • Aroma: 2
    • Looks: 2.5
    • Heat: 1
    • Label: 3


    A very simplified design depicting tomatoes and chillies, the main flavours of the sauce. Clear text, clean graphics and nice photo.


    The sauce is a rich tomato red. Its consistency is similar to ketchup or relish. It is somewhat thick and sticky therefore pours after a few knocks on the bottle. It holds together once poured.


    A slight tangy vinegar smell, not strong in heat.


    Without looking at the bottle I would probably mistake this for a ketchup. It is first a tangy, sweet tomato flavour, followed by a hint of vinegar and chilli which is both mild and pleasant. The sweetness overpowers the chilli and vinegar flavours, although doesn't mask them completely.


    The heat is by no means overpowering, however this is one of ABC's lesser spicy sauces. The chilli hit comes after a few seconds and lingers pleasantly at the back of the mouth.


    Cooking for friends who are afraid of spice? This sauce may just well do the trick! It has lovely sweet tang which should be welcomed by non-chilli aficionados, with a slight but not overpowering kick at the end. It certainly ranks low on the heat level however is a great sauce in its own right.

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