Blair's - 3 A.M. Reserve

Blair's - 3 A.M. Reserve

B+3.9 / 5 1 REVIEW


Blair's Sauces & Snacks
United States


Cayenne, Red Savina




Natural Pepper Extract, Red Savina Habanero, Cayenne Chilies And Vinegar


Official: "The Original-One of the Finest Chile head Gifts In the World with 2,000,000 Scoville units. 3 a.m. Reserve is the Second in the Series of Blair's A.M Items and is always a sought after Chili head Collector Piece... The name Originates from when Blair was in the Bar Biz. 2 a.m. was the closing time and this was the closest thing to legal he could use to get the drunks out of the bar. This always worked...He made 4 Wings with this potion if the patron could eat all four they could hang out all night...Needless to say no one stayed...Feel Alive!"

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  • B+3.9

    Reviewed by on May 29th, 2015

    • Taste: 3.5
    • Aroma: 3.5
    • Looks: 4
    • Heat: 0.1
    • Label: 4.3


    This is more of a design review than a label review as there is no label. The glass bottle is shaped interestingly with its sexy wax lid (i think). It has hand written thingamabobs on the bottle in silver sharpie that i cant read. A good looking bottle indeed.


    Scary. Just a thick , blackish sauce that just drips like no other. Drips likes black bullets.


    Honestly, when i first tried and smell it, i couldn't smell much, but i got closer to the bottle top and i took a small whiff....... and i YANKED my head back and thought 'this is gonna kill me'. It was nothing but pure pepper smell that is so sharp and punchy, that it kinda hurt my eyes staying around it for a bit. Similar to the blairs ultra death i reviewed earlier.


    I automatically knew this was gonna be hot. I put a single drop of this on my paella de carne and mixed it for about 2 mins. I made sure it was well mixed. Just to make sure, i added some mild nandos chili just to help mix it a bit more. I tried it and all i could taste was black, ground pepper and ash. It was really something. Made my food taste like ive over cooked it on a barbie and some of that ash fell on my plate and made everything really spicy. Taste, when masked, is not too bad. Mostly ash.


    It doesn't matter how experienced you are in chili, this is gonna hurt so much. Ive decided to dip dental floss in the bottle and scrape it along the top fold of my black bean burrito (little alliteration going on there) and it was like nothing ive ever had. It was like a roller-coaster accelerating so fast, it was almost instant. The heat lingers on like for hours and it affects all of your mouth especially your tongue. It straight away gives me goosebumps and it literally took my breath away. I gasped on my first bite. I couldn't finish the burrito and gave it to one of my mates to try. It is stupidly hot.


    In the decade and a bit I've been a chili head, I've never been so outraged by the very concept of whats called a 'hot sauce'. Going to my mates house for a dinner get together, he mentioned that he has bought a little surprise for me. I would've never guessed that it was the very same chili that i wanted to try, reserve 3 am. A whole $50. We put it to action right away. After opening it, we put it on a small section of our foods. .... Never, in my whole life, have i had so much pain in one area of my body, ever. My throat, after trying a bit too much on my burrito, felt like it collapsed on itself and i was choking. Thinking to myself how i could've fallen for this monstrosity, i knew i had to do something fast. I tried to swallow some room temp water..... i couldn't swallow. I tried talking.... couldn't. Breathing? umm.. Then my mate Kamehameha'd me in the back and my throat was free again. Then, surprisingly, i had an aftertaste of that burrito with a dimmed chili taste. It was actually alright. A nice, smokey ashy taste accompanied the ghost of the burrito taste and it satisfied me. Totally, unnecessarily hot, enjoyable (only when i wasn't dying) and remembered. i honestly think that chili lords would think that this is the perfect sauce and they could probably give a better description of the taste than me. I personally recommend this on stir fry and Mexican food.

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