Byron Bay - Fiery Coconut Chilli Sauce



Byron Bay Chilli Co.
Byron Bay, Australia




Sugar, Coconut (27%), Cider Vinegar, Water, Fish Sauce (Water, Anchovy, Salt, Sugar), Cayenne Chilli (3%), Corn Starch, Curry Powder (2%), Ginger (2%), Garlic, Coriander, Salt


Official: "Just the right blend of curry, chilli, fish sauce and spice. Especially tasty with barbequed chicken or as a salad dressing.

Try this and taste one of the world's truly unique sauces. Absolutely packed with flavour, and backed with a nice chilli glow.

Excellent Steak Sauce.

Grand Prize Winner at the 2007 Scovie Awards in New Mexico."

User Reviews

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  • C2.5

    Reviewed by on September 7th, 2015

    • Taste: 3.5
    • Aroma: 3.7
    • Looks: 1.3
    • Heat: 2
    • Label: 4.4


    Simple label that caught my eye. Bright colours and amazing design on the front. Love the beach scene.


    Well, it looks like what it would look like after the whole... process. It has a pasty texture and is 'bad' brown. Not the most appealing of sauces to look at, but the smell is something else.


    Pretty damn good. It gives off a thick, rough curry smell with a hint of a smell that leaves you deciphering what the other ingredients in it are..... (its probably the fish sauce).


    Massive curry hit. One of the hardest hitting chilis ive tried. It hit me too hard and it hurt me. It has scarred me with its pasty, curry paw print. It is an incredibly pungent sauce that adds an entire new dimension to your meal. Excellent on hearty meals, not on bland ones. May as well taste the sauce on its own.


    Not hot, but not incredibly mild. Would be good for a mild chili eater.


    It is a good chili full of surprises and it has a colossal taste to it. I couldnt consider it a 'hot' sauce because it just isnt hot at all for me. Its more of a dip, or a marinated sauce. I wouldnt get it again if i was looking for hot sauce.

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