Chilli Addict - Bird's Eye Chilli Sauce

Chilli Addict - Bird's Eye Chilli Sauce

B3.3 / 5 1 REVIEW


Chilli Addict
South Africa




Red Peppers, Water, Vinegar, Onions, Red Thai Chilli, Sugar, Garlic, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Birds Eye Chilli, Xanthan Gum


Official: "Known by this name because the very small fruits are often eaten whole by birds who cannot taste the heat. Although they are one of the hottest chillies around, their thin flesh and 'clean' chilli flavour make them suitable for a wide range of uses both raw and in a cooked dish. Good with Thai curries, lime, garlic, shellfish, noodles, pasta, butter, olive oil, vinegar, lemon, coriander leaf, basil, parsley, soy, ginger, mango and coconut"

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  • B3.3

    Reviewed by on December 27th, 2016

    • Taste: 3.9
    • Aroma: 3.1
    • Looks: 3.3
    • Heat: 3.6
    • Label: 2.6


    Simple glass bottle that appears 'flask-like' in shape. An aluminium screw cap which is reliable sits atop the bottle. The labeling is pretty standard, but the background, being vibrant rose red with line patterns bring the 'spicy' nature of the sauce visually.


    A bright pumpkin colour with visible brighter orange seeds in the mix. It is thick in consistency and pours in clumps, but not thick to match that of paste. it mixes well with food, but not as easily as other sauces. It


    Thick, red pepper scents appear out of the mix with short garlic punches. The vinegar lies low. The typical peri peri vibe can be detected before and after mixing it with food.


    The flavour of the red peppers ring strong, mirroring accents that similar to capsicum. Garlic sits well in the mix. The vinegar here works as a pretty good homogeniser. The flavour is very supporting of any food it is mixed with. I tried it on chicken and steak bits and it holds on them well and brings underlying support to the flavour, much like the bass in a song.


    Not mild but not unconventional spicy. my young siblings were able to take this sauce without a problem, though the more you add, the stronger its presence is and it can potentially be considered spicy.


    A reliable sauce that is welcome to any table. Its a flexible condiment that supports any food. It just lacks an exciting edge that makes the sauce stands out from the rest as it sits in the mediocre range. Regardless of its label, it is a good choice for any mild hot sauce lover.

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