Hell's Kitchen - Cinnamon Ghost Punch

Hell's Kitchen - Cinnamon Ghost Punch



Hell's Kitchen
New York, NY, United States


Habanero, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chili), Trinidad Scorpion


Chilli Peppers (Ghost Pepper, Habanero, Trinidad Scorpion), Tomatoes, Lime Juice, Vinegar, Agave Nectar, Salt, Cinnamon, Garlic Powder, Paprika.


Official: "A unique blend of hand selected superhot peppers with overtones of savory cinnamon goodness. Deliciously unique…blazingly craveable! Enjoy with caution…the heat will haunt you!"

User Reviews

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  • B-3.0

    Reviewed by on July 9th, 2019

    • Taste: 3.5
    • Aroma: 3.6
    • Looks: 3.3
    • Heat: 2.6
    • Label: 4


    Label has a cool 80's retro look to it. Grid in the background with a character similar to the "Punch Out" video arcade game. Sweet little devil woman in front as well.


    On the runny side but does have some chunkiness to it. Bright red in color.


    Cinnamon! Cinnamon is the dominating aroma with tones of tomato.


    Cinnamon and tomato. Sauce is sweet with cinnamon dominating the flavor. Peppers are faint and in the background.


    I was expecting more heat being that this sauce has Ghost Peppers and Trinidad Scorpions in it. Tested a half a teaspoon. Not very hot.


    Overall, this is not a bad sauce and really packs a cinnamon punch. My feeling is this would go well with dessert. Maybe on vanilla ice cream. Will have to experiments a bit with this one. If you are expecting a lot of heat, be sure to set your expectations low.

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