Melinda's - Original Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce

Melinda's - Original Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce

A-4.0 / 5 1 REVIEW


Costa Rica


Scotch Bonnet


Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Fresh Carrots, Papayas, Salt, Lime Juice, Acetic Acid, Onion, Passion Fruit Juice, Citric Acid, Garlic


Official: "Melinda's blends fresh fruits and vegetables with the fiery hot Scotch Bonnet chile pepper to create a uniquely delicious pepper sauce that balances heat and flavor perfectly."

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  • A-4.0

    Reviewed by on July 25th, 2016

    • Taste: 3
    • Aroma: 2
    • Looks: 4
    • Heat: 3.5
    • Label: 2


    Young woman surrounded by a wreath of leaves and peppers on a field of solid orange with yellow and black printing


    Very rich carrot/habanero orange color, and thin enough to pour out easily without getting clogged at the neck. Very even texture vegetable or herb bits visable


    I find Melinda's sauces to possess softer aromas overall, this being no exception. Slight vinegar and even slighter garlic hints perhaps.


    One does not taste the fruit ingredients at all, or the carrot for that matter. Very slightly the garlic makes itself known...but the pepper flavor itself is the obvious feature here. I am not sure I could distinguish it differing from Habanero flavor in any way. Nice, though...nothing too sharp.


    I gave this rating, as it acted in the fashion that I appreciate most...not immediate heat, but coming on stronger as one continues with the meal, culminating in a nice tingle in the mouth and on the tongue upon finishing.


    I liked this one. It doesn't scorch your mouth from the start, but gives you a nice strong tingle by the end, so you can appreciate the taste and not just the sharp heat. The tingle lasted for perhaps ten minutes or so after finishing. Unless one is really nuts for the intense immediate heat, I can recommend it. I can equate the sensation with chopping up a fresh habanero into your meal when cooking for yourself.

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