Panola - Cajun Hot Sauce

Panola - Cajun Hot Sauce

B-3.0 / 5 1 REVIEW


Providence, LA, United States




Aged Pepper Mash, Vinegar, Salt, Spices.


Official: "Panola Cajun Hot Sauce is a Louisiana style hot sauce made from Cayenne peppers. Our Cajun Hot Sauce is of exceptionally high quality and is more flavorful than most of the Louisiana style sauces."

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  • B-3.0

    Reviewed by on November 16th, 2015

    • Taste: 3.3
    • Aroma: 3.6
    • Looks: 3.7
    • Heat: 2.6
    • Label: 3.8


    Yellow, green and red.. An outline of the Louisiana boot in white with "Cajun" in red script across the front. letting you know right away what type of sauce this is. Nothing wild but I like it.


    Your typical Louisiana-style hot sauce. Thin, smooth and a deep red. No noticeable flecks or chunks.


    Pungent vinegar with the sharp smell of cayenne underneath.


    Salty and vinegary with the tang of cayenne. Simple and uncomplicated which is to be expected with such a short ingredient list.


    Very mild. No noticeable punch of heat but a slight sunburn that builds in the mouth as you eat it. Hotter than a Texas Pete or Frank's Original but only just.


    Your basic Louisiana-style hot sauce. Not as salty as Frank's and a little hotter than Texas Pete's. Definitely has the vibe that you would find this on the tables of local diners in the depths of the Louisiana interior. For what it is, it's enjoyable.

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