Satan's Rage Hot Sauce

Satan's Rage Hot Sauce

A-4.1 / 5 1 REVIEW


Sauce Crafters Inc.
United States


Cayenne, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chili), Peri Peri, Chipotle


Red Wine Vinegar,Water,Natural Sugar, Chile Sauce, Tomato Puree,distilled Vinegar,high Fructose Corn Syrup,salt,corn Syrup,dehydrated Onions,spice,garlic Powder,natural Flavoring, Ghost Pepper,Peri Peri Pepper,Dehydrated Garlic,Dehydrated Onion,Cayenne Pepper,Garlic Powder,Salt, Chile Powder,Chipotle Powder, Xanthan Gum,no Preservatives.


Official: "Satan's Rage Hot Sauce - Made with Ghost Peppers.When you indulge in this sauce you will surely encounter the wrath of Satan's Rage.Moments after you taste this sinfully delicious sauce you will pay the price. You will experience a burning sensation that can only come from the World's Hottest Pepper, The Ghost Pepper. This newly discovered pepper from india is by far the Hottest Pepper Discovered to date."

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  • A-4.1

    Reviewed by on January 7th, 2013

    • Taste: 4.6
    • Aroma: 4.1
    • Looks: 3.9
    • Heat: 3.4
    • Label: 5


    The absolute best label of any hot sauce! Satan's eyes have a silver reflection that stands out.. Very impressive label


    pretty thick, no chunks, alot of spices


    Unique smell. Kinda sweet, spices dominate. I can smell the african spices, or maybe its the peri peri peppers?? and gar


    Sweet, onions, peri peri peppers. Red wine vinegar (its not the usual vinegar flavor.) Wow this is very sweet. Very different taste.


    Nothing crazy, taste is the focus on this sauce! Short afterburn... assuming from the ghost pepper..


    Good sweet sauce! You can tell they focused on flavor and not heat. Red wine vinegar dominates, a nice change. Lots of suger, maybe a bit too much. An african peri peri style. Great flask-style bottle. The best label in all the hot sauce world... Highly recommended!

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