Yeo's - Chili Sauce with Garlic

Yeo's - Chili Sauce with Garlic





Water, Chilli (21%), Garlic (21%), Sugar, Salt, Acidity Regulators, Stalisers, Thickeners And Flavourings


Official: "Perfect for garlic fanatics who enjoy the moderate heat in dishes. The fragrance of garlic and robust chilli taste bring life to ordinary marinades, casseroles and stir-dry dishes. Versatile as a cooking or dipping sauce."

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  • C+2.9

    Reviewed by on July 17th, 2017

    • Taste: 3
    • Aroma: 2.6
    • Looks: 3.6
    • Heat: 0.4
    • Label: 1.2


    The label is green with some patterns in it, but the text is rather boring. The bottle doesnt stand out and doesnt exclaim 'hot sauce' in our face. There is a neat chilli and garlic design on the label, so thats pretty nice. The text, really, is the big downside in the labeling and its the most important part.


    The sauce is an interesting, orangutang orange colour with bright, visible chilli seeds. It pours thickly, but quickly. It mixes decently leaving a thick, orange texture. Great for stir fry and brush coating.


    The garlic smell is very strong. The chilli undertones are a little sweet. Quite pungent to be honest.


    Very wholesome and thick tasting. The flavour is bold and it sticks around for a while. The garlic has very strong presence and it leaves you with garlic breath, for sure. Great substitute for straight up garlic sauce.


    There is barely any heat at all. Its for the weak.


    It is a very flavourful sauce. It is a sauce best used as an additive to the flavour of a dish. If you want a hot sauce, i suggest you look elsewhere, but if you like garlic and a very tame chilli taste, this is a good sauce to try.

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