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Growing Orange and Black Habaneros in Florida - A Photo Timeline

Posted in Growing Hot Peppers on March 26th, 2012

Hot Pepper Plants Grown in Florida Last June, when the idea for this website was hatched, my friends and I decided to start growing our own hot peppers. Florida was the perfect place to start. The plants long for high temperatures and since there are only a few cold weeks, when they should be planted is not a big concern.

I ordered seeds online (from a local supplier) for Jamaican hot chocolate habaneros (black habanero) and orange habaneros. Seeing the chile pepper seeds grow into a monstrous fruit-bearing plant was fun and rewarding. It only took occasional watering, a few transplants, and some pest management. Now I need to do something with all the picked peppers I have sealed away. It is surprising to see the quantity of habaneros that the plants continue to produce.

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