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Survey on the Future of Hot Sauce Fever, & Site Updates

Posted in Announcements by Josh Winn | March 6th, 2015


Survey and Feedback

We're looking to add some new features and make major updates to the Hot Sauce Fever website soon. Some ideas have been suggested to us, and a few have been on the back burner since the beginning. To make sure we're headed in the right direction, we've set up a short (3 question) survey to find out what you want to see next:

The survey simply asks how much you would like certain new features, and what other suggestions you have. Thanks if you've taken a minute to fill this out! 

Spring Cleaning

Some spring cleaning and minor updates have also been made to the site. We're not using Flickr anymore, so Instagram is now incorporated in a few places. You'll find us posting on there with smaller finds (food/snacks/spices), delicious spicy foods, and new hot sauces.

You may have noticed, but the main image and thumbnail for all new sauces on the hot sauce list, are now @2x size, to support retina and high-resolution screens. This has been ongoing for the last few months. Eventually we'll want to replace all the old smaller images as well, but that's a longer term project since all the source images aren't around anymore.

You can now post comments on blogs like this one, thanks to the Disqus comment system. This should have been added a long time ago! We're looking forward to more of a conversation.

Some other small style fixes and text updates have been made throughout the site as well. More improvements and articles are on their way!